CET Academy Consultations

17 Jan

In May 2019 our Governing Body and the Governing Bodies of Abbot’s Hall, Chilton, Combs Ford and Freeman Community Primary Schools agreed to work together to explore converting to academy status and joining an existing multi academy trust, the Children’s Endeavour Trust.

Following substantial work on this, the five Governing Bodies are each proposing that their school does convert to academy status and join the Children’s Endeavour Trust and are currently consulting on this proposal. The consultation is running from Monday, January 6th until Friday, January 31st, 2020.

Following the meetings this week, we invite you to put forward your views via this survey, which will be open from midnight on Thursday, January 16th until midnight on Thursday, January 30th. The data and information collected from this survey will be used to produce a consultation report for the governing bodies to consider.

For more information on the proposal, please visit: https://www.childrensendeavourtrust.org.uk/consultation.html

You can also request a paper copy of this survey from the school office.

Academy Consultation Parent Survey