Key Worker Kids Club – w/c 20th April

24 Apr
This week the key worker kids club children have been up to lots.
1. We did zumba every morning for fitness. Think we are all  professionals now lol.
The kids loved stamp,clap and jump on go noodle.
2.We also made a rainbow bracelet out of beads. Each child has got one , some even with their initials.

3.The Charity Storm have  been asking to make hearts for hospitals, to help connect end-of-life patients, the people caring for them and their families who cannot be with them.
I got my mother in law to knit 50 little hearts, which are now cleaned and in individual bags. Those hearts will be posted to the ICU department at a hospital. Chn wrote “Get well”  messages on their heart drawings which will be added to the box I’ll be posting next week.
Last but not least….
The importance of washing your hands with soap:
We’ve been talking about the importance of washing hands.
To explain, we showed the children an experiment.
We poured pepper into a dish filled with water and asked the children to swirl their finger around. Naturally, the child would pull his or her finger out of the water and it’s covered in pepper. Next, the children were asked to wash their hands properly with soap. They then swirled their finger in the peppered water this time, miraculously, the pepper seemed to flee, creating a “safe zone” around the child’s finger.