Excellence through Engaging and Enjoyable Learning

A warm welcome from the staff, governors and children at Bosmere Community Primary School. We have recently been talking about what we value at Bosmere. Our children and staff (along with governors and parents) have together discussed and written what we feel sits at the heart of daily life at our school.

The values that sit at the heart of Bosmere

Our School has kindness and collaboration at its heart: supporting, promoting, encouraging, and guiding every single person to be the best that they can be. We believe it is our duty to guide the development of our learners socially, emotionally, physically, and academically-in equal measure.

Our endeavour is to enable every person to learn and grow, nurturing the life and personal skills required to be successful. At Bosmere, we relish challenges as opportunities, knowing that perseverance and determination are characteristics we need to rise to them. Providing the tools and opportunities to have the confidence to achieve this is part of daily life at school.

Adults are committed to provide excellent teaching and learning, through engaging and enjoyable experiences, maximising the potential of all learners. Learners are committed to giving their best.

Life and learning at Bosmere is inclusive and fun, making memories for life!

Written by the staff and children of Bosmere Primary School
January 2019

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