A topic-enriched curriculum

Our Curriculum at Bosmere is topic enriched-something our children say year on year they enjoy. 2019-2020 is an exciting year for our curriculum. As we take a closer look at the knowledge and skills , we are teaching and reviewing how they support children to become good learners. As human beings it is just as important to be good citizens in life in order for them to thrive and be the best they can be.

We want to ensure the Bosmere Values, something written by the children and staff, underpin what we learn and teach. As the year progresses, we will keep you informed about any developments and changes we make…watch this space!

What follows are our Curriculum Maps and snapshots showing learning from all areas of the school. Enjoy finding out more about our school.

Curriculum Maps & Snapshots

Click below for Curriculum Maps and snapshots of each of our phases.

If you would like addtional information about the Bosmere curriculum please contact the school. Call: 01449 721 75. Email: admin@bosmere.suffolk.sch.uk