A topic-enriched curriculum

We are currently in the midst of reviewing our curriculum and, during 2018-2019 we worked as a staff alongside children and parents to review our school values and re-establish what we feel our children should experience in their primary education in preparation for life and learning in their onward journeys. Following this, Subject Leaders worked together to review our Long Term Topic Overview and then the content of the curriculum for their own subjects. Currently we are in the midst of focusing on our subjects in order to ensure we provide the best quality education, inspiring and engaging for children to learn and adults to teach. We began by working together on our Whole School Curriculum Intent:

Whole School Curriculum Intent

At Bosmere Community Primary School our curriculum is designed to inspire enthusiasm for learning, to ensure achievement and to nurture pupil health and well-being.  We aim to develop independent, creative and inquisitive learners who gain the confidence, resilience and skills needed to be learners for life and responsible citizens for the future.

Our inclusive curriculum focusses on progressive subject specific knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum. It promotes high aspirations by engaging pupils in rich and memorable learning challenges that take pupils beyond the classroom.

Our approach allows pupils the opportunity to influence their own learning, placing particular emphasis on:

Enquiry:  fostering a sense of curiosity and problem solving

Collaboration:  opportunities to learn with and from each other

Oracy:  talk for learning to develop a rich vocabulary and clarity in communication

Linking learning:  identifying cross-curricular links in knowledge and skills and applying transferable skills where meaningful

Identity: making the most of enrichment opportunities and local links, developing a sense of where we fit in the local and global community.


We then debated and discussed, talked with the children and reviewed the topics we use as vehicles to plan, teach and learn:

Whole School Long Term Plan

This we achieve, in part through a topic enriched Curriculum, something our children share inspires them and they enjoy. Here’s our Whole School Long Term Topic Overview, it runs a two year cycle:

Whole School: Topic Overview January 2020


Phase Cycle Autumn Spring Summer
EYFS A All about me- changes over time

Toys- history Diwali-materials

Treasure pirates  and under the sea -history, geography, science sea life(KUW)

Chinese new year

All creatures great and small – animal groups, geography, life cycles
B People who help us- community, Knowledge and Understanding of the World


Night and day – (science) light/dark, nocturnal animals


Transport – history and road safety


Homes – history, geography, materials

Dinosaurs- Knowledge Understanding of the World (science) skeletons/anatomy


Food – Farming and growing, Food from around the world

KS1 A London Explorers (1)St. Edmund

(2) Nature Detectives

B Animal Antics An Island Home (1)     Seaside Holidays

(2)    Needham Market

LKS2 A Stone age to Iron age Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age

Sound science topic (2022)



Ancient Egypt:



B Violent Earth:


Invent – changes in theme over time – history





Britain’s settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots.

The Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England to the time of Edward the Confessor

UKS2 A Framed


Street Child – Victorians


Shakespeare related text – Wherefore art thou


B War with Troy – Ancient Greece


The Explorer – Amazing Amazon


Letters from the Lighthouse – World War 2

History (local)


Subject Key Information

Our current curriculum review work will lead to each folder housing important and informative updated documents about each subject. These will be fully updated by Easter 2020. Do take a look on a regular basis, as documents will be uploading throughout this term. The folders will contain:

  • Subject Long Term Plan
  • Subject Progression of Skills
  • Subject Policy

Curriculum Maps & Snapshots

Click below for Curriculum Maps and snapshots of each of our phases.

If you would like addtional information about the Bosmere curriculum please contact the school. Call: 01449 721 750. Email: admin@bosmere.suffolk.sch.uk