At Bosmere Community Primary School our curriculum is designed to inspire enthusiasm for learning, to ensure achievement and to nurture pupil health and well-being.  We aim to develop independent, creative and inquisitive learners who gain the confidence, resilience and skills needed to be learners for life and responsible citizens for the future.

Our inclusive curriculum focuses on progressive subject specific knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum. It promotes high aspirations by engaging pupils in rich and memorable learning challenges that take pupils beyond the classroom.

Our approach allows pupils the opportunity to influence their own learning, placing particular emphasis on: 

Enquiry:  fostering a sense of curiosity and problem solving

Collaboration:  opportunities to learn with and from each other

Oracy:  talk for learning to develop a rich vocabulary and clarity in communication

Linking learning:  identifying cross-curricular links in knowledge and skills and applying transferable skills where meaningful

Identity: making the most of enrichment opportunities and local links, developing a sense of where we fit in the local and global community.


In Maths at Bosmere developing a secure understanding of number is at the heart of our curriculum. Through placing emphasis on multiple representations, including concrete, pictorial, structural and abstract, we aim for children to be able to calculate competently using both written and mental methods and secure a depth of understanding across all mathematical strands. Planning promotes the understanding of interconnectivity and relationships between strands leading to the achievement of fluency. Our curriculum provides opportunities for children to draw on a range of strategies and reason about their processes using mathematical language accurately. This endeavours to promote independence and resilience. For disadvantaged pupils, or those with SEND, the planning and delivery of the curriculum may be personalised or adapted to meet individual needs. This could be through provision of additional scaffolding or sequencing learning differently. High expectations are set for all children and we aim to instil in them a love and confidence for the subject where they embrace challenge and understand its fundamental importance in life beyond the classroom.