The Bosmere Uniform

There have been queries raised at Parent Forum regarding uniform. We thought it would be helpful to outline the uniform requirements. If you have any queries about uniform please ask at the office.

Uniform can be purchased from Inces, 25 Ipswich Street, Stowmarket IP14 1AH, or online from 


  • Navy sweatshirt/cardigan
  • Navy/ dark grey or black pinafore/skirt/trousers – No denim or corduroy; not cut away at the bottom or tapered, skin tight, skinny or legging styles
  • Blue/white shirt/blouse
  • Blue checked summer dress
  • Dark coloured shorts may be worn
  • Navy/white socks/tights No other coloured socks or tights are allowed, and trainer socks should not be worn
  • Black school shoes not trainers or canvas type shoes


  • Navy sweatshirt/jumper
  • Blue/white shirt
  • Navy/grey socks – No other coloured socks are allowed, and trainer socks should not be worn
  • Black school shoes not trainers or canvas type shoes
  • Navy, dark grey, or black trousers or shorts -No denim or corduroy; not cut away at the bottom; tapered, skin tight / skinny or legging styles


  • Children should have a coat with them in accordance with the weather forecast.

Bags & Rucksacks

  • Bosmere/ Navy Book Bag or Bosmere rucksack – Personal bags/ rucksacks must be left at home. A Bosmere Rucksack is available from, or Inces, Stowmarket. Please do not store water bottles inside book bags.
  • Book bags can have one key ring for ease of identification.

Hair/Head Gear

  • Plain, small unobtrusive bands/clips or Alice bands in black or blue. All children, girls and boys, are required to tie hair up where it is long enough to do so. This is partly for health and safety concerns, but also to reduce the spread of head lice.
  • Hair styles should be tidy and cut appropriately. A natural colour is required and no shaved or extreme styles are accepted. Hair should not be dyed. No bright, non-natural colours (eg. purple, blue, green etc. unless specified by the Headteacher, for example, as part of a charity event or drama production).
  • We do not allow headwear to be worn during class time or inside school buildings, except for religious or cultural reasons.

PE Kit

  • Children should wear PE kit to school on the days they are timetabled and at other times advised.  Please ensure your child has additional clothing suitable to the weather at the time – e.g. school jumper, warm coat.
  • Black or navy sports shorts – N.B. – these do need to be short and quite close fitting so that they do not catch on any equipment.
  • A plain white T-shirt – No emblems or logos please.
  • A pair of trainers or plimsolls. (Astro Turf trainers or football boots are not permitted)
  • Black, grey or navy tracksuit or jumper and jogging bottoms for outdoor games in colder weather. Again, no emblem or logos please. Jogging bottoms should not be so long as to present a tripping hazard.

Jewellery/ Other items

  • Children are not allowed to wear any jewellery in school, other than for religious or cultural reasons, for safety reasons. Ear studs are permitted, except for P.E. lessons. Children who cannot put their own earrings back after P.E. should bring a container to take them home in. However it is better if these children do not wear earrings on the day they do PE. Staff cannot be responsible for taking earrings out or putting them back in. If you are thinking of having your child’s ears pierced, we strongly advise you to have them done at the start of the summer holiday, to allow six weeks healing time.
  • Tattoos, nail varnish and makeup should not be worn to school.
  • Small Watches may be worn but must be removed for PE. Smart watches (devices that have games, text, phone, or camera capabilities) are NOT permitted

It is essential that all clothing/footwear be clearly marked with the child’s name. Lost property is stored in the school for one half term, after which un-named items will be donated to charity.

On any matter of the interpretation of uniform, jewellery or appearance, the decision of the senior team will be final. A slip/email will be sent home when necessary to remind parents of uniform expectations. Persistent breaches will be regarded as a refusal to accept the authority of the school and sanctions will be applied.

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