Rights Respecting Schools

We are delighted to be a Rights Respecting Schools (RRS) Bronze Award school, demonstrating that we are Rights Committed.

RRS schools are committed to living life in their schools acknowledging the United Nations Convention for the Rights of a Child. These are 54 rights for children, agreed by 170 countries as important for looking after children across the world. They link beautifully with our Bosmere Values.

Our School & Learning Council are a big and important part of this journey, working alongside Mrs Fullam and Miss Connell (and their peers) to explore the articles (rights) that we as a school believe are our top 10.

Our assemblies focus on the rights, School and Learning Council meetings and Class Forums are focusing on the rights and we will keep you posted, via this page on how our journey is going.


Please click on the links below to view previous assemblies.

RRS – Assembly 1 (Jan2023)

RRS – Assembly 2 (Jan2023)

RRS – Assembly 3 (Jan2023)