Safeguarding at Bosmere

All staff at Bosmere take the safeguarding and protection of children extremely seriously. As a lead safeguarding team (Mrs Green-DSL, Headteacher; Mr Mckeon-ADSL-Deputy Headteacher; Mrs Cridge-ADSL, Pupil Support Officer and Aimée Burch-Safeguarding Governor) we undertake regular training and it is our mission to remain as updated as possible, sharing with all staff research and updates that will help support the safeguarding of all children. All staff also undertake regular training. These updates develop our approach, improve our knowledge and above all seek to ensure everyone at Bosmere is kept safe.


Following recent training, undertaken by all staff, we shared, in 3 words, how we would describe our approach to safeguarding at Bosmere. See the image below for what we, at Bosmere believe sits at the heart of safeguarding and children protection at our school.

Other Safeguarding Resources

Keeping children safe in education
Statutory guidance for schools and colleges on safeguarding children and safer recruitment.

Vulnerable to Radicalisation (VTR) or Influenced by Extremism
This quick guide provides practitioners with guidance reconcerns in relation to any child, young person or adult who may be at risk of being adversely influenced or radicalised by any extremist group or ideology. The full guidance document can be found at

Safeguarding Team

  • Miss C Redpath

    Chair of Governors

  • Mrs M Cridge

    Pupil Support Officer

  • Mrs E Green


  • Mr T McKeon

    Deputy Headteacher & Y4/5 Teacher