Bosmere Primary School Support System

Bosmere Primary School believes that children and families can be supported to be the best they can be through parents/ carers, children and staff working together as a team.  As parents/carers you are the most important people in your child’s life and by working together in this way, we can provide Bosmere Primary School children with the best possible emotional, social and academic start to their lives.

We know that family life can, at times, be both difficult and challenging.  In order to support Bosmere Primary School families with barriers they may face, Bosmere Primary School has employed a Pupil Support Office (PSO), Mrs Cridge.


How can the PSO support Bosmere Primary School families?

  • Support positive behaviour (both at home and school)
  • Provide parents/carers with advice around routines and boundaries
  • Help to improve school attendance
  • Support and signpost families to gain support with domestic issues such as housing, finances, benefits, relationship issues
  • Support and signpost families to gain support for children and parent/carers experiencing physical and mental health issues
  • Support families through any social care interventions
  • Carry out 1:1 support sessions
    • Parenting sessions
    • Sessions with children raising self-esteem and confidence
  • Support parents in accessing education for their child by assisting parents in completing school application forms
  • Support parents/ carers to access educational/ vocational opportunities for their child/ren and themselves
  • Support to understand their child/ren’s school life and how parents/careers can positively support this.


Who can access PSO support?

  • The service is voluntary and free of charge
  • Parents/carers can refer themselves or their child/ren via an initial conversation (which can be via the school office email: with the child/ren’s class teacher.
  • The class teacher will then liaise with Mrs Cridge, who will contact you directly.
  • Bosmere Primary School staff can refer parents/carers/children (with consent) to the PSO via the PSO referral system.



I very much look forward to meeting with you!

Mrs Cridge

We will try our best to:


  • listen to you
  • think about how behaviour makes us feel
  • ask your permission to share some things that we might talk about so that we can all work together to make the best plans for you
  • be as open, honest and helpful as we can
  • try to do what we say we will as often as we can
  • try to help and support you and your family when you ask us for advice or help


…and sometimes we may:


  • not share the same views
  • ask you to think about behaviours and how it makes us feel
  • need to talk to other helpful adults organisations about what you have shared with us to help keep people safe from harm
  • be unable to discuss confidential matters with you
  • be unable to meet your needs (but we will do our very best to help you find someone who can)
  • be unable to make decisions because they are made by other professionals


but we will always remember that:



“There are no perfect children, no perfect parents and no perfect schools

– let’s all work together towards the best we can be.”

The Pupil Support Officer is actively involved with a number of outside agencies, some of which are listed below:

Parenting difficulties

  • Children and Young Peoples Services
  • Children’s Centres
  • Parenting Advisory Team
  • Early Help Team

  • Mid Suffolk District Council
  • Suffolk County Council
  • Family Action Suffolk Housing Support Service SNAP
Family issues

  • Suffolk Family Carers
  • Suffolk Young Carers
  • Homestart
  • Suffolk Family Focus


Family issues

  • Suffolk Family Carers
  • Suffolk Young Carers
  • Homestart
  • Suffolk Family Focus


Mental Health support

  • Primary Mental Health Workers
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
  • Integrated Delivery Team
  • MIND and Young MINDS
  • School Nursing Service



  • Iceni
  • Turning Point
Financial issues

  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Financial Inclusion and Advice Service (FIAS)
  • Money Advice Services (MAS)
  • FIND
  • Local supporting charities/ trusts


Sexual Abuse

  • Survivors in Transition (SIT)
  • Fresh Start New Beginnings
Domestic Abuse

  •  Lighthouse Women’s Aid
  •  Anglia Care Trust


Safeguarding Issues

  • Social Services
  • Suffolk’s Safeguarding Partnership (SSP)
  • Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)
  • Suffolk Constabulary
  • Suffolk Probation Service



Mrs Marie Cridge – Monday to Friday

Working hours: 8.30am to 4pm (Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri)

8.30am to 6pm (Thursday available upon request)