Parent Governor

Mrs Annabel Brighton

My name is Annabel Brighton, my family and I moved to Needham Market a couple of years ago and have felt hugely welcomed into such a lovely, kind community. My son is just starting in Reception after going through the fantastic Nursery for 5 terms, and we all feel really excited about the journey he will embark on here at Bosmere.
I am a Primary Teacher, specialising in Early Years. I am very passionate about learning through play and encouraging a huge breadth of experiences for children in their first years. I am also a huge advocate for encouraging a love of reading from an early age. Both my boys love books and have such an interest in sharing a book together (although my youngest HAS to be about vehicles; tractors in particular). And my oldest has just started reading everything in sight, including the soap and crisp packets! I love phonics, because although it sounds super complicated it’s actually such a fantastic, systematic method of learning to read.
I hope I can bring a dual perspective to the governing body; being a parent, whilst also being knowledgable about the education system.
Terms of office: 08/07/2021 – 07/07/2025

Mrs Aimee Burch


Hello my name is Aimee Burch and I am new to the school and the role of Governor.  My child has just started reception and with another due to join in two years time.  I am keen to become an active part of the school community and help shape the community of the school.  I have been a social worker in children’s services for 12 years so my expertise is in safeguarding, promoting children’s welfare and keeping children’s best interests at the centre of all decisions. 

Terms of office: 02/10/2022 – 01/10/2024

Mrs Alison Darrington

I’m Alison Darrington – I am a parent governor at Bosmere Primary School.   I believe it’s important to take an active part in the community and I wanted to be involved in my children’s education as well, not only to help them progress but also to support Bosmere as much as I can.  My two children attend and love Bosmere School.

Work-wise I am a freelance trainer, working with organisations in East Anglia to increase effectiveness and productivity of their customer service, sales and management teams.

I also volunteer for the Needham Market Community Council where I look after the publicity of their Art Exhibition and Craft Fairs.

I enjoy gardening and am trying to persuade my children that planting veg and flowers is more exciting that simply digging large holes and making mud pies.

As a governor I sit on the Finance Committee and I’m responsible for mathematics – highly ironic since this was my weakest subject at school!  Yet I’m thoroughly enjoying my role, finding it rewarding and learning a huge amount.

Terms of office: 05/02/2021 – 04/02/2025

Mr Billy Allen

Hello, I am Billy Allen, one of the Parent Governors at Bosmere. I have two children attending the school, plus two that have recently left for high school. Bosmere continues to do a great job of educating and nurturing our various children, and being a Parent Governor enables me to give at least a little bit back.

I joined the Board of Governors towards the end of 2016, and as a relatively new recruit I am still getting to grips with everything it entails. Whilst I was aware that the role would require a degree of preparation, effort and focus, I wasn’t full prepared for the level of intensity. The first few meetings were a whirlwind of agendas, minutes, acronyms, committee nominations, strategic reports and biscuits.

With a wife who is a teacher, I have some insight into education from the other side. I know that modern schools, even primary schools in small towns, can be complex and challenging organisations. The Governing body, with its mix of parents, teachers, community and local authority representatives, is there to help Bosmere successfully navigate these challenges.

Outside of school activities I run a small Design & Marketing agency in Bury St Edmunds. According to my wife and 4 children I spend most of my day “colouring-in”. Though the children are not so dismissive when one of them needs help making an egg box dragon at their share event.

Colouring-in may not be the most transferable talent. However, I would like to think that I do bring other, perhaps more valuable skills and experience to the role of Governor. With my commercial background I do have a particular interest in communication. I intend to utilise this within my roles on the Curriculum committee and IT team, whilst also looking to help develop effective communication across the school.

Needham Market is a growing town. Over the next few years I hope that, as a Parent Governor, I’m able to help Bosmere develop, expand and continue to be a successful and happy school at the centre of a thriving community. 

Terms of office: 19/10/2020 – 18/10/2024